Audi A4 has become so popular by its designing & characteristics which are totally remarkable. The 2017 A4 is an extremely beautiful car, blowing the academic curve in many respects both for the Audi brand and for the premium sedan segment in general. Take, for instance, the claimed 0.23 coefficient of drag, which isn’t only Audi’s best ever but places it just 0.01 off the leading industry claim made for the Mercedes-Benz CLA-class.


In spite of having grown 0.5 inch in wheelbase, 1.0 inch in length, and 0.6 inch in width, the 2017 A4’s dropped some 70 to 100 pounds, says Audi, due to extensive use of lightweight materials in key areas by including brake components, suspension parts, and stampings.

A horizontally arranged dashboard dominated by a full-width decorative band that includes the air vents as well helps the cabin feel quite spacious if not terribly intimate. Our test car came kitted out with gorgeous open-pore wood and buttery nappa leather that would be at home in the A8, and we can also vouch for the stylishness of the A4’s available patterned aluminum trim.

The media drive of A4 took place near Venice, Italy, urgently following the car’s Frankfurt auto-show debut the only version which is available for us to drive was the TFSI Quattro with the DSG automatic. On the back roads between the Venice airport and the scenic Dolomites, the TFSI engine proved impressively torque and willing to rev to its power peak, and while turbo lag is minimal, middle range throttle response is extremely pleasing. For more details visit The Social Magazine.

The A4 does great is stop. With 4 piston front and 2 piston rear calipers, the A4’s brakes bite crisply and offer brilliant feel. Much of the braking force is summoned near the top of the pedal travel, like many clamps of Teutonic origin, yet the pedal does not feel like a rock on a stick; it exactly travels and gives heaps of feedback along the way.

The 2017 A4 is technically efficient but short on charisma. If Audi raises prices when the A4 arrives next spring, the company ought not have much of a problem by selling them in vast quantities.