2016 Alfa Romeo SUV coming. There is never a dull moment in SUV/crossover market, and Italian brand Alfa Romeo plans to confirm that statement yet again. They are currently finishing preparations for introduction of their very first SUV. Furthermore they have returned to the U.S. market and 2016 Alfa Romeo SUV is supposed to be their major vehicle there.


The Alfa Romeo Giulia is the first of a series of new models aimed at establishing the brand as a global luxury car producer. The mid-size sedan will be followed by a crossover which will be based on the same RWD/AWD architecture and will compete with models such as the BMW X3, Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Lexus NX, to name only a few. Expected to go on sale in Europe in late 2016 and in the US a few months later, the Alfa Romeo SUV will share most of its power-trains with the Giulia sedan.


Alfa Romeo’s signature triangular grille with couple of air inlets on the side, and ups-wept, curved headlamps upon flared part of the hood. Around the back, it should give you a nice tailgate with some thin tail-lights, and roof-mounted spoiler. 016 Alfa Romeo SUV will be built upon extended Giulietta platform and will actually be a crossover. With that in mind, it will most likely be called C-SUV or Cxover, but we shall know more soon. As far as its actual design goes, there are not any surprises here.

Price Of Alfa 2016

This neatly designed mid-sizer should be a fine option if you don’t intend on buying a German car, especially because it will be offered with high-performing V6 turbo diesel engine, more than capable of beating Q5’s and X3’s figures. The car will most likely be priced just below above mentioned BMW and Audi models, and should start from $35,000. But, unfortunately, there are not available details about release date, yet.