TESLA MOTOR, recently revealed its new car called MODEL 3 and it is the cheapest all-electric car ever released by Tesla. This new Model 3 will sell starting at $35,000
before any tax incentives. The world is patiently waiting, because most buyers might be able to afford the new Tesla model that will deliver at least 215 miles of range but Tesla want to increase those numbers in the final car

tesla Model 3


The base car will accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in less than 6 sec, with versions that go much faster along with its “lithium ion batteries” and all the electric powertrain. On the designing front, the new model present the 4 door coupe that come in both rear wheel drive and all wheel drive version. In the cabin, the Model 3 with a new looking steering wheel and a long two tiered dashboard design and display the speed and gear selection in the upper corner of the screen that along with a strip of climate control at the bottom. Stereo control system and map take the rest of the screen. Its also feature a 15 inch landscape touchscreen inside the car that glow in the dash.

The Model 3 Autopilot hardware is standard, safety features will activate automatically.
You can also fit a 7-foot surfboard inside the car. The new Model 3 is a mix of aluminum and steel. Tesla expect to fit five adult in the car with an ease.

This new Model 3 will set alarm bells ringing across the all electric car industry. Production of the Model 3 is scheduled to begin in 2017 and its pre-ordering is started.