The Thunder Power Sedan, and not think of Elon Musk’s fastback four-door. In proportions, promised performance, and presentation overall. It is clear that this previously unheard-of automotive startup wants to be cross-shopped with the Model S. But it isn’t possible to look at this battery electric concept car.

2017-SedanThe company says the 429-hp model will do zero to 62 mph in less than five seconds and will top out at 155 mph. The flexible chassis design based upon a singular modular system allows the range to be lengthy from sedan to SUV, compact, and crossover variants.

It sounds a lot like that other electric-car startup, the one whose sports sedan corroborating will finally power a gull winged crossover and a compact sedan. There are only so many ways you can package a sedan and still have it look like a conventional 4 door.

Some of the design decisions, like that rippling pond grille, are a bit more, uh, adventurous than the reserved Tesla. Thunder Power started out as Motomax, a Taiwanese tool and producing company founded in 1987.A name change, a new Milan based R&D team, and a body designed by Zagato, and this is where they are today.

Tutzer’s name was recently attached to failed supercar startup Laraki, a Morocco-based offshoot of a luxury yacht maker that has shown three different, equally horrid supercar designs.

Thunder Power’s news names Dr. Ing. Peter Tutzer, formerly technical director at Lotus and an engineer on the Bugatti Veyron project, as chief technical officer.

Thunder Power says its sedan will pack either a 308 hp or a 429-hp chassis mounted battery pack, offering just over 400 miles of range, with a quick-charge function that gives 186 miles of range after just 30 minutes of charging.

To Thunder Power’s credit, there was an all wheel drive racing variant on display, perhaps promising a commitment to motorsport that has been noticeably absent from Tesla to date.