The Toyota Prius 2016 is the fourth generation of the company’s iconic hybrid-electric car, a mid-size five-door hatchback in which every component has designed to maximize efficiency and minimize fuel consumption. 2016 toyota prius

The new Prius is more comfortable and more spacious than ever and it’s packing a loadout of premium tech and driver aid features. Beneath the Prius’ hood is a mostly well-known version of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) powertrain. The system pairs a 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle 4-cylinder engine with a 53 kW electric motor. The gasoline engine supplies 95 horsepower and 105 pound-feet torque and the electric motor join 71 horsepower and 120 pound-feet of torque to the mix. Peak system power is express at 121 horsepower.

Surplus and recaptured energy is stored in one of two possible battery packs. Every trim level above the foundation model is packing a 0.75 kWh (3.6 ampere hour) lithium-ion battery pack that is physically extra compact and about 35 pounds lighter than before. Less weight that means it is more efficient acceleration and braking for the new Prius. The base Prius 2 trim level makes use of the same 1.31 kWh (6.5 ampere hour) nickel metal-hydride battery pack as the previous generation.

The HSD powertrain is down about 13 horsepower overall, but — thanks to the new battery pack — the new vehicle has less weight to accelerate than before, which helps its city fuel efficiency. Further, the Prius is more aerodynamic, that boosts the highway efficiency. The body sits 20mm lower, active shutters in the grille reduce turbulence at speed and the hybrid’s look hides elements that help lower the coefficient of drag from an already impressive 0.25 CD to 0.24 CD — you would be hard pressed to find a more slippery production car for sale.