Meet the Uno bolt, the world’s first electric unicycle with gyro force. Its built-in stabilizing sensors — similar as the ones found in hoverboards — make it the fastest responding gyroscope to be put into a one-wheel machine. This results in an easy and smooth driving experience where the tilt is controlled by the rider’s body; you lean forward to accelerate, backwards to slow, reverse, and brake, and left or right to turn.

Uno Bolt Electric Unicycle Design

The Uno Bolt is a uniquely designed, high overall performance portable electric powered unicycle. As we will see from the photos, the e-unicycle sports a graceful and compact look design, and it’s robust sufficient to help riders up to 280 lbs. The adjustable cope with and cellular foam seat provide a at ease and customizable driving experience.


Uno Bolt Electric Unicycle Features

The electrical unicycle comes ready with a 1000W electric powered motor and a 60V four.4Ah Lithium battery for you to provide a pinnacle velocity of 22mph and up to twenty-five mile using variety on a forty five-minute complete charge. Furthermore, it’s effective enough to climb up to 45 degree uphills. The e-unicycle functions a built-in gyro pressure stabilizer that not most effective gives you a stable driving experience, but additionally helps you to effects manage your Uno Bolt via leaning with your frame.

Moreover, the e-unicycle has a 10″ x 10″ on/off road tire that allows it to fit on various terrains. The LED headlight and taillights provide safe night riding, and an integrated LED head display shows the statue of your Uno Bolt. In addition, other features alto include collapsible foot rest, an integrated horn, parking stand, rear view mirror, e-brake and reverse lever.

Uno Bolt Electric Unicycle Price

The team of Uno Bolt has successfully achieved the crowdfund goal on Kickstarter, but we can still pledge $999 to preorder the e-unicycle. It’s expected to be shipped in December 2017.