The appealing Saluto RX introduced by Yamaha, its impressive design make it more good looking when you are experiencing the ride. The Saluto RX has a sportier design and advanced with more sophisticated features and specs. The new-evolved 110cc BLUE CORE engine attains a fuel consumption of about 13 percent in comparison to earlier Yamaha Motor models because of the synergistic effect of amended combustion chamber figure, adapted placement of the cylinder fins and a design which meticulously assumes the cooling system, and optimum control of firing period in line with the culmination of a scope of loss reduction measures.


Yamaha Unmasked Next-Generation 110cc Street Model Saluto RX

The Saluto RX was germinated as a “next-generation 110cc street model”, and ingredient superior cost-performance and sportier outer body. In addition, the embodiment of weight-reduction technology in the parts of the Saluto RX has delivers a 98kg curb weight – the light weighted in its respective class- which allows agile handling.


The Saluto RX has a modern styled 110cc single cylinder air cooled engine and 8.5Nm torque, it has a unique dimension of length 2020 X width 740 X and height 1045. The RX contained drum brakes for better and safety performance, it has a resin tank cover and redesigned stylish alloy wheels and a tail like cocktail.


The Saluto RX comes with four stunning colors including Breezy blue, Matt Black, Inspiring Red and Gleaming Black. The Yamaha Saluto RX is available for 46400 Indian Rupees (INR).