Nvidia launched its 980 Ti in early June. Although strategically a sound marketing idea, considering the rumored release of AMD’s 300 series lineup, it left us wondering where on Earth this monster child would sit. If you take a gander back to the days of the 700 series, however, what follows will come as little surprise.


After all, with half the memory, 200 less CUDA cores and a smidgin fewer ROPs, you’d expect the frame rate in particular would suffer, when compared to its more robust cousin. Early benchmarking showed that Nvidia’s new beast was, in some scenarios and when overclocked, actually on a par with the Titan X. A triple fan card solution, with an integrated water block for water-cooling enthusiasts, which works independently as well impressive when you consider that air acts as an insulator between these two coolers. So a hybrid cooler sort of.

A battle of blows. Bearing in mind that we didn’t push Zotac’s solution to the absolute limits or place it under water, it still quite comfortably kept pace with an overclocked Titan X. Benchmark after benchmark came in, and we were left in awesome the scores between the two giants were just so close. We then take a step back, check what the community is pushing their overclocks to, and dial it back by 50Hz further, to ensure our readers can achieve the same results, regardless of where they fall in the silicone spectrum. But it was with amazement that a name we’d not often heard came to us, with what can only be described as an idea comparable to that developed behind the walls of Mercedes’s notorious Skunk-works.

Final Conclusion

The tri cooler and full-copper water-block, plus custom back-plate with a fantastic paint job make this GPU phenomenally heavy, yet help dissipate that excess heat without too much worry for the end user. And this thing is a Titan killer as well.