The Asus MX34 bended screen could possibly do the trap, on the off chance that you feel like it’s a great opportunity to expand your viewpoints. This 34 inch, QHD 3,400 x 1,440 determination screen will drastically enhance the style of any office or work area space. Asus MX34 highlights a 21:9 perspective proportion, which is incredible for review widescreen motion pictures, perusing through all encompassing photographs, or opening a few windows one next to the other.

Asus MX34


You will require a ultra wide work area to house this ultra wide show. In any case, its 2000R shape will twist around an inch back toward you at the edges, so in case you are sitting near the screen, you’ll feel encompassed on 3 sides by substance.

The side edges are so thin Asus was made plans to place the greater part of the inputs at the base of the showcase, which is helpful for perfect rope stockpiling, however to some degree irritating when attempting to connect to fringe gadgets. You will not acquire much in the method for ports at the base; Asus MX34 highlights just a DisplayPort 1.2 and a HDMI 2.0 information.

Asus houses the QHD screen in an unbelievably thin dark bezel that is not really discernible, specifically when brilliant hues are exuding from the screen. The bezel is about a large portion of an inch slender toward the edges of the screen and gets dynamically thicker as you achieve the inside back of the board.

In the event that we construct our presumptions in light of what its harbinger, the Asus MX299Q and LG 55EG950V, which resembled, Asus MX34 will highlight around 300 nits of shine, a 80,000,000:1 difference proportion and a 5-ms reaction time. The MX299Q was at first recorded for $449 and it’s down around 20% now in all locales.

On the off chance that you need to enhance the advance of your office, and upgrade the experience of survey substance, keep your eyes open for the Asus MX34’s discharge date.