Travelling is pretty much everyone’s favorite thing to do in the Summer. If you’re planning on taking  vacation, and you’re wondering what you should take with you, you’ve come to the right place. It can be difficult to decide what gadgets to take with you on your trip, especially since there are so many different things on the market now. But if you want to save room and money, you can take them all, so here’s a list of the essential gadgets for travelling this Summer.

Garmin for a GPS system

If you’re going to be travelling a lot in your car, an excellent idea is to stop by Garmin for a GPS system. This is because you’ll definitely be needing something to make sure that you’re getting where you need to be. You could use your phone, sure, but using your phone GPS takes precious data and you want to always have your phone charged and ready in case of emergencies. You also don’t want to constantly be on your phone and fiddling with it while you’re driving, so you should definitely opt for a traditional GPS instead. This is a great way to save time, money, and hassle.

If you’re travelling overseas or going on any multiple day hikes, a fantastic investment to take with you will be UV light water filter. This little gadget can clean your water sources from microbes that will make you sick, and make water safe to drink. This is important when you’re hiking, because instead of taking a ton of water with you, you’ll be able to use what’s already there. If you’re going to be travelling overseas, the same is true. The water is different overseas and a lot of people who get traveller’s sickness will definitely agree that this is a sound investment.