ASUS and Acer unveiled a couple of new education-centered Chromebooks in the stating of this year, and now Google and HP recently announced a new Chrome OS-running laptop to enroll in the fun. The HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 Education version is a convertible Chromebook set to arrive in mid-September…

It’s a “rugged” convertible, with a front-going through digital camera designed to be used in tablet mode, USB-C charging, and an stylus — all features “designed for the unique desires of school,” says Google.


In terms of hardware specs Google has remained mum on that the front, however from what we are able to tell and from Google has revealed, it is going to be a 360-degree convertible Chromebook. because of this its display can flip round so that it can double up as a show-most effective for watching movies, videos, or sharing slides, or it could be switched back where it will feature as a more normal laptop.

The enterprise has announced the launch of model x360 11 G1 in a post that commemorate’s Chromebooks’ status as a pinnacle-promoting tool throughout laptops and tablets in Swedish schools in 2016. Google has also revealed in the post that Chromebook innovative apps are out in Europe and that administrators can now approve Android app libraries and install them on pick controlled gadgets.

The new HP laptop will be available for buyer in September this year. We have no complete info however this Chromebook will arrive with an elective stylus, touchscreen, 360-degree convertible layout, and a USB-C charging tech. The x360 eleven G1 schooling version isn’t top rate and it won’t probably rival Samsung’s cutting-edge model. HP’s new Chromebook is expected to move in opposition to the ones from ASUS and Acer.