InFocus-owned Kangaroo now has a solution for keeping your personal and family computer activities separate. The company just revealed a new addition to its modular PC lineup: the Kangaroo Notebook. An inexpensive laptop computer with an interesting concept: interchangeable mini-PC modules.

The device comes as a package with two modular PC units that can be swapped in and out of a laptop dock. Each of module is a self-contained PC running Windows 10. Inside, the modules are rocking 2 gigabyte of RAM, 32 gigabyte of eMMC flash storage, and a quad-core 1.44GHz Intel Atom Cherry Trail’ x5-Z8350. That is not a lot of power—the low amount of RAM is particularly concerning—but as long as you don’t hope to play games or run Photoshop it should be fine.

Kangaroo Notebook

The mini PCs have Bluetooth 4.2 LE and 802.11AC Wifi, but use custom connectors, so they can not be connected to separate monitors, keyboards or other peripherals. However, the laptop dock does have an 11.6-inch full HD screen (1,366 x 768), full keyboard, Synaptics trackpad, battery, USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, SD card reader, 3.5mm audio jack, speakers and microphone.

InFocus imagines that families could share the Kangaroo chassis by just swapping out each person’s Kangaroo Mini to allow separate work and personal computers to all use the same base hardware. Security aside, it is not entirely clear why you wouldn’t just use separate user accounts to accomplish that sort of feature (especially since, unlike the Kangaroo PC, the individual Kangaroo Mini modules can’t be used independently of the chassis).

The new Kangaroo Notebook is expected to ship in October for $299, which will get you the notebook itself with two swappable modules.