STARRY recently launched its first consumer product, called “Starry Station”. World’s first ambient touchscreen Wi-Fi hub. This Starry Station is not the bit of hardware you will need to link up to the company’s new, fixed-wireless broadband network. Once the service came, customers will get an antenna called a “Starry Point” that connects to any existing router.

The Starry Station’s triangular shape and aluminum-polycarbonate build feels much more premium than the clunky plastic routers of the world. This is combined with its touchscreen, make it stand apart from many alternatives.

As a Wi-Fi router, it can connects to an Internet source (such as a broadband modem) and then shares that connection with multiple wireless devices, such as your iPad, your laptop, your mobile phone.

Starry station

The Starry supports the dual-band quad-stream (4×4) setup of 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, meaning it has a top Wi-Fi speed on paper of 1,733 Mbps, which is the fastest speed to date. It supports all existing Wi-Fi devices on the market.

The Station’s wireless radio plays nice with standard 802.11ac networks, but it is also packs support for future implementations of the 802.15 standard for Internet-of-Things devices.

The Starry Station is just as fast as it is attractive. It enabled download speeds of around 100 MB per second, according to tests I ran using the app. That is about as swift as the 5GHz network, Netgear AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router usually broadcasts, but it is impressive nonetheless.

In addition, the Starry Wi-Fi Station has a very helpful touchscreen that makes setting up and managing the device simple and easy. The router has solid fast performance and includes parental controls.