Logitech recently revealed its new innovation called “G900 Chaos Spectrum professional-grade wireless gaming mouse“. It delivers a lag-free wireless performance and longer battery life that is trusted by professional eSports gamers.

This Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum had quicker click latency (shorter bars) than the Razer Death Adder and Steelseries Rival 300, and better motion latency head-to-head with the Razer Death Adder.

logitech Wireless Mouse

It is just 3.8 ounces (107 grams), it is noticeably lighter than the most mice, wireless or wired. It has a striking ambidextrous design, reminiscent of the Batmobile, which makes it useable for righties and lefties as well. In fact, it is 2 side thumb buttons can be placed on either side of the mouse, held on my magnets, or you can option to use all 4. The customization is up to you. And of course, while using Logitech’s gaming software, you can also tweak the buttons and functionality of the mouse to your heart’s desire.

This Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum’s rechargeable battery is rated at 24 hours of use on a single charge, which can jump to 32 if the RGB LED light is off. The mouse ships with a USB charging cable that can also be used as a tether for the mouse. When it is connected you don’t need the dongle. And if you are curious about the G900’s sensor, it uses the PMW3366, that still regarded as one of the best around the world.

In simple word, this mouse delivers on all its promises in a stunning fashion. The weight is relatively low, the shape is great, the performance is through the roof

This Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum availability is expected in April 2016 for a suggested retail price of $149.99.