Microsoft recently announced the minimum PC requirements to support of virtual reality experience for all Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft planed that every windows 10 PC will supports mixed reality as part of its Creator’s Update, slated to launch next year.


Microsoft has included a new “Windows Holographic Fast Run”  app in the latest builds of Windows 10 that lets you test whether your machine makes the cut. You will not need a super expensive PC to support of virtual reality.

You Just need these Specs, the basic requirements that Microsoft unveiled:

  • 4GB of RAM
  • USB 3.0 port
  • A graphics card with DirectX 12 supports
  • Free disk Space
  • 4 CPU cores


These specs advocate the most PCs manufactured in the last two years will be compatible enough, and even if a system does not meet the required specs, Windows Holographic (some of its aspects at least) will be accessible to users.

That is the good news for everyone who want to use the virtual reality experience without purchasing the big costs of PC.  But of course, meeting the minimum hardware requirements does not mean you will have the best experience, it just means virtual reality experience and games will run. Higher performing hardware will enhance the visuals by allowing more effects to be turned on. And for the highest quality experience you will have the higher cost hardware. We can say that these specification requirements might still not be enough to experience all VR experiences.

Now you also want to know that what types of apps and games will be available at this level. There is no word about that. But Microsoft is planning to detail more about its Virtual reality headsets for Windows 10 at an event in December.