Just couple of month ago, Samsung announced that it had created the world’s largest SSD, a 15.36TB drive that cost $10,000. And now, Seagate has been showing off its monster 60TB solid-state drive (SSD), the largest SSD yet with that sort of capacity. Unfortunately, this SSD is only meant for businesses, released as an addition to Seagate’s data center portfolio. With 4 times the capacity of the next leading SSD, this massive hard drive could hold up to 12,000 DVD movies or a whopping 400 million photos. Just sit back and think about how ridiculous an amount of data that really is.

Seagate thinks the 3.5-inch form factor will be useful for managing changing storage requirements in datacenters since it removes the need to support the separate form factors for hot and cold data. The company says it could also scale up capacity to 100TB in the same form factor.


The drive will be aimed at servers and flash arrays, where it could help meet the growing demand for storage fueled by online video, mobile devices and the emerging internet of things.

The 60TB SAS SSD is only available right now for the demonstration, though it will officially make its debut some time in 2017. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly what the drive itself will look like, though given the fact that it’s just a SSD.

For now, this new drive was developed as part of the company data center portfolio, meaning it’s meant for business/data center use and not as a toy for the storage-hungry photographers. Still, it’s definitely worth salivating over. This is the kind of tech that trickles down to us lowly consumers… Eventually.