Divers looking for a wealth of capability from their dive PC may be interested in a new wrist worn wearable diving computer known as Cyano, created via Watoom primarily based within the US. Cyano removes the need to calculate your personal dive tables and offers all of the functions you would anticipate and extra both inside and out in the water. This consists of a diving log, water depth, water temperature, no-decompression restrict, ascent price, gift time and stopwatch. There is also a compass, some thing you do not see frequently on basic dive computers. When you are out of the water, connect via Bluetooth to see you statistics in detail on the accompanying smartphone app.

Cyano Dive Computer Design

With its compact design and fashionable appears, this is a tool which could attraction to young divers. users have numerous customization alternatives such as sixteen watch faces and 4 exceptional bands. There also are numerous clip and pendant attachments.

Built with high pleasant SUS316L stainless steel and silicone, the Apple Watch lookalike additionally capabilities as your ordinary watch. You may even update its bands with unique 24mm Apple bands.


Cyano Dive Computer Features

Functions of the Cyano dive computer encompass Bluetooth connectivity, watch mode, wireless charging as well as some of extraordinary band accessories to personalize its look. Collectively with the all-crucial diving mode, diving log, water intensity, water temperature no decompression limit, ascent rate, present time and stopwatch.

CYANO works with a wired-free charging dock, and any wireless charger in the marketplace will do. Battery life is up to 10 hours in diving mode, extra than 48 hours in watch mode and around 15 days in standby mode.

Cyano Dive Computer Price

Cyano has this week launched by using a Kickstarter and has already blasted beyond its pledge goal of $50,000 way to over 140 backers with nevertheless 34 days closing on its campaign. Earlybird pledges are available from $339 with shipping predicted to take palce during May 2018.