The power banks of Zendure, highly tough, highly compact, stylish and loaded with characteristics. The A8 Pro sits at the top of Zendure’s line up, a beast power bank for those with heavy duty portable power needs or lengthy trips away from mains power.


You will be able to charge your specific device you divide 20,480-mAh by the battery capacity of your phone or tablet. Samsung Galaxy S6 2,550-mAh battery, for instance, will receive eight full charges, while an iPhone 6s 1,715-mAh would manage 12 full charges that is an awful lot of power to keep you going away from a mains outlet.


  • 25,600-mAh power bank
  • 80% proficiency
  • 95% charge remains after six months
  • No LED torch
  • 119 x 73 x 40-mm
  • 483g
  • 4x 2.1A/10.5W USB outputs
  • Maximum total output 3.1A/15.3W
  • Zen+ device-recognition technology
  • 1.5A/7.5W Micro-USB input
  • Charges in around 20 hours
  • Pass-through charging
  • LCD display
  • Carry case
  • 12 month warranty

The silver A8 Pro characterizes the same ribbed, ultra-tough design as the smaller models in the Zendure series, encased in a crushproof PC/ABS composite material with dualinjection molding and a shock absorbing central belt.

Zendure’s demonstrated its power banks’ ability to withstand the weight of a McLaren Spider, so we are moderately certain you will not need the contained carry bag for anything other than keeping with it the flat grey Micro USB cable.

By pushing the small button on the front of the Zendure you can get an exact readout of how much capacity remains, so you won’t get caught short. This is a much more user friendly solution than the 4 LEDs used by most power banks to show remaining charge.

Zendure A8 Pro can take a long time to refill over its 1.5A/7.5W Micro-USB input up to 20 hours from empty, or longer if you have an underspecified charger as is standard with power banks a mains charger isn’t provided in the box and you should use that provided with your phone or tablet.


Well designed with brilliant characteristics containing passthrough charging and an LCD panel, a tough build and huge amounts of power.