B&O Play has recently launched the BeoPlay A2 Active Wireless Speaker in the UK. B&O Play is well-known company for its high-end audio products, and the Active A2 is also a great way to listen music. BeoPlay A2 Active Speaker  is the new and update version of its predecessor A2. The  BeoPlay A2 Active is similar to the original A2, but now the new version of portable speaker is dust and splash resistant.


Weighing a little less than 2.5 pounds and same the rectangular shape. It ditches the old DC power input and instead of this it comes with a USB charging port, which allows the Active A2 to be charged much faster than before and it retains the 24 hour battery life of its non-active siblings.

It comes with two stylish NATO-inspired straps made of woven polyamide with solid tensile strength. It inspired in large by the extremely durable watch straps that British soldiers wore during World War Two.

Straps and speaker will available in two variants, natural and stone gray finishes, the former coming with natural and royal blue straps, while the stone gray gets stone gray and sand stone straps instead.

“The new straps add a contemporary and stylish expression to the speaker and highlight the versatility of Beoplay A2 design”, said Henrik Taudrof Lorenson, Corporate VP of B&O Play.

The Beoplay A2 Active is compatible with B&O Play’s BeoPlay app for IOS, Android and Apple watch as well. That lets the users to adjust the sound setting of the speaker to your own choice and taste.

It can be paired up to eight Bluetooth devices at one time and also stereo pairing with another A2 Active. But you can’t connect A2 Active to Standard A2 speaker.

BeoPlay A2 Active Wireless Speaker Price

The BeoPlay A2 Active can be purchased now directly from the company’s site.



UK £299
United States $399
Australia AU$499