DJI has revealed a new aerial camera for its range of UAVs called the Zenmuse Z3, that offers up a 7x zoom by pairing a 3.5x optical zoom with a 2x digital zoom. It is an upgrade to the popular Zenmuse X3, which is their entry level integrated drone camera that used on the DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Osmo.

The Zenmuse Z3 costs $899, weighs 262 grams, and has the same Sony-built 1/2.3-inch cam sensor found in DJI’s Inspire 1 and Phantom 4. It can shoot video at 4K at up to 30 frames per second and captures images at a resolution of 12MP. And, of course, there’s that zoom.

The camera can be used on the DJI’s Inspire 1, Matrice 600 or Matrice 100 drones and the company’s dedicated HD video downlink allows for transmission from a distance of up to 3.1 miles away. The zoom is operated via the DJI GO app or the Drone remote control. DJI said that it has refined and improved image stabilization, as any camera movement is magnified at the longer end of the zoom lens.

Dji Z3 drone camera

There’s also DJI’s gimbal technology built into the camera (as zoomed-in blurry photos are no use to anyone) and there is an additional fine-tuning to the yaw control of the Z3 to counteract additional movements which may be magnified in shot by zooming in.

Zenmuse Z3 will also play nicely with other DJI kit, allowing you to extend the flight time and the range of your drone when using it with the Z3, and offers up a maximum aperture of F2.8 and F5.2 at 22mm and 77mm, respectively.

The Z3 also comes with an upgraded gimbal. The camera will be available from July 28th and retail for $899.