Mevo, the company’s tiny, dedicated camera for the streaming video to Facebook Live. Paired with an iOS device, the Mevo can be remotely controlled as if it is a personal cameraman, giving you the ability to zoom into subjects and pan around a frame. Whether you are a journalist conducting a remote live broadcast of an interview, or a tourist giving a description to your friends and family of what you are seeing, the Mevo is a handy tool for shooting Facebook Live videos with professional-looking results.

Mevo Livestream Camera Design:

The Mevo (formerly called the Movi) is a cylindrical, palm-sized device with a soft, rubber-like exterior. Design is so simple: There’s a single power/control button on the top, surrounded by a ring of the LEDs that flash different colors to signify a particular status, including Wi-Fi strength and battery life.

Mevo Livestream Camera

Mevo camera a large device. It may even be dwarfed by its companion iPhone. Measuring 2-inches on it diameter and standing 2.5-inches high, the Mevo is design to be petite, portable, lightweight, and almost inconspicuous. And while you can even hold it in your hand, it really is not best used as such.

Mevo Livestream Camera Features:

The Mevo boasts of an unnamed 12.4MP Sony 4K image sensor, though there is a huge caveat to that we will get to later, and an Ambarella A9SE processor. Despite the 360-degree shape, the lens does not really go that far, but does at least reach 150 degrees. The camera does not have speakers, because that is not really its purpose, but it does have a dual analog MEMS mics to handle audio recording. Alternatively, you can record audio via the paired iPhone.

The Mevo is a camera built for the livestreaming so, naturally, it possesses connectivity. In particular, it sports a Wi-Fi connection which can be used either for an ad-hoc hotspot or for connecting to an existing Wi-Fi network. To creating its own Wi-Fi connection is necessary to connect to an iPhone to utilize the smartphone’s LTE connection, in instances where there’s no available network. But since the quality of the streaming is dependent on the Internet connection, an independent Wi-Fi network is also recommended for best results. That said, an Internet connection is not required at all to use Mevo, as it can easily save recorded footage directly to a microSD card. Mevo ships with a 16 GB card out of the box.

Mevo Livestream Camera Price:

Livestream’s camera already start shipping for a hefty $399. That is expensive if you’re just looking to document your personal adventures (you are probably better off using only your phone). Mevo is more for businesses, video bloggers and anyone else that wants to produce professional-looking live video without a studio’s worth of equipment.