NEC announced that they installed and supplied a GSS large scale energy storage system and that’s battery system has a capacity of 1.2 MWh this Energy storage system reduces the solar power fluctuations And the output of 500 kW,to operate in the conjunction with a large solar photovoltaic plant that established by COLON company.

NEC power supplies

Its new battery will help to reduce restriction losses through saving power at times it is not needed for later use. The company also deployed around 120 megawatt of these system to over 19 sites in 11 countries. Renewable energy sources has the potential that drastically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. But solar is variable sources of energy which fluctuate depending on weather conditions.

Large scale energy storage is the key to integrating renewable resources like solar into the power grid. Large-scale energy storage will allows to use renewable energy when and where power is needed .This new innovation makes these systems ideal for small installation areas, short construction schedules, and small construction budgets. The energy storage systems of NEC Energy have achieved a high-density structure through their original heat dissipation design, using proprietary modules and racks.