Bowers & Wilkins has been busy this year, introducing new and updated models of headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Now, B&W announced its newest headphones, the P9 Signature, will retail for a staggering $900 when they are released later this month.

The P9 Signature was engineered by the same team behind B&W’ well-regarded 800 D3 speaker. This is the largest over-ear headphone the company has revealed to date. B&W says it takes advantage of everything the company has learned throughout the years.

B&W P9 Signature headphones

There are two 40mm drivers on board, one inside each earpiece. They’re built of a sturdier material than those inside P7 ‘phones, and have wider surrounds around each in order to attain as rigid a structure as possible – thereby reducing the unwanted vibrations.

Both drivers are also angled, to shoot towards the ear in more natural a fashion. It also gives the impression of a soundscape further forward than with most headphones and adds the further rigidity through an aluminium side wall at the front of each unit.

Crafted from Italian Saffiano leather, this headphones use memory foam ear cushions for both added comfort and to make for better sound isolation. To keep headphones protected, a case made of the Saffiano leather and alcantara, that offers a similar feel to suede, is included in the box.

The B&W P9 Signature headphones sell for $900, and available now via the company’s website. If you would rather see the headphones in person, this P9 Signature is expected to hit store shelves in select retail locations by Oct 15, and will be available from Amazon on Oct17.