Optoma has released the latest addition to its home theater projector lineup. The new projector is called the HD27 and it’s an upgrade to the top selling Optoma HD26. One of the big features of the HD27 is an improved lamp life that is good for up to 8,000 hours.

The Optoma HD27 demonstrates a 1920 x 1080 pixel display, pretty typical among home theater projectors of this caliber; however, it’s also boasts brightness of 3,200 lumens, Reference Display Mode, 3D compatibility, and a contrast ratio of 25,000:1. The projection screen size ranges from 27.88” to 305.3”, with an aspect ratio of 16 to 9, and a projection distance of 1-10 meters. The 10W speaker is built into the unit sounds great and is much more loud and also powerful than one may expect. Additionally, Mirror-based DLP Technology is the cornerstone of the HD27’s visual clarity and long-term color purity.

Optoma HD27

Connections include two v1.4a HDMI inputs, one of which supports MHL smartphone hook-up. There is also a USB port for device charging but not media playback. If you want to mount the projector on the ceiling, there is even a 12v trigger to control an electric screen. The HD27 also works with Optoma’s WHD200 wireless HDMI streamer, if cable runs are a problem.

Optoma is also compatible with several wireless devices with a USB port that provides power including Amazon Fire stick and the Chromecast. The projector will sell for $649 and is available now from several online retailers.