Panasonic recently launched it new thin design DW Relay, technical specifications meet the requirements of the white goods market and make it extremely acceptable for smart meters and smart sockets.

The new DW-H relay from Panasonic switches power surges of up to the 100 A for a period of 5 ms reliably and nominal switching capacities of up to 16 A/277 VAC. It ideally addition the portfolio of existing bistable power relays by Panasonic.

The product conforms to overseas safety standards and responds to the increasing demand for smart homes in overseas markets.

panasonic DW Relay

This new DW Relay features are:

Thin product height of 15.8 mm allows for compact-sizing with no loss of functionality for remote-control systems.
Panasonic’s conventional product (W x L x H mm: 10.0 × 24.0 × 18.8)
Dimensions (WxLxH) (mm): 10.0 × 24.0 × 15.8.
Holding power of the coil is zero by the adopting a latching function, contributing to reduce the power consumption of the remote control system.
USA UL Standards, Canada cUL (CSA) Standards, Germany VDE Standards
Conforms to overseas safety standards designed to increase the safety and reliability of remote control systems.

With growing concern over global warming and the resource shortage problems, there is increasing demand for energy management that facilitates effective use of energy and resources, and market for smart homes equipped with such energy management system is enlarging globally. Adoption of power outlets and switches for remotely controlling various types of equipment, such as lighting fixtures and home appliances, is enlarging. Switches and power outlets contain multiple relays for switching power off and on, but these units need to be installed into limited indoor space. As a result, they need to feature a low profile and low power consumption. This Panasonic’s relay is thin, with a height of 15.8 mm, and achieves low power consumption, making it possible to create high-functionality, compact and power-efficient switches and power outlets.