The Swedish headphone international brand basically took its new wireless Active Hellas headphones and colored them Clay Red as a tribute to tennis tournament held annually in Paris. Described as “sweat-friendly”, the Active Hellas are Bluetooth headphone with a washable headband and the ear cushions, a built-in mic, and an interface you can swipe on to navigate by playlists.


Urbanears described its new edition of Hellas headphones and the collaboration with Roland-Garros as an ‘epic moment’ which celebrates the ‘creative flair and passion we see played out’ at the tournament each year. A brand manager from the French Tennis Federation said it was “delighted” to work with a ‘design-conscious brand’ to color a pair of headphones in its trademark clay-red (an orange/red color).

Designed to endure through physical activity, the Hellas features a washable headband and breathable mesh ear-cushions, a built-in mic, and touch controls which include the ability to scroll by a variety of curated playlists at the swipe of a finger, in addition to receiving and hanging up phone calls.

As with many such collaborations, it is limited to cosmetic, which means the rest of the audio cans boasts the similar features of a regular pair of Hellas wireless headphones, including a sweat-friendly design, washable headband and a built-in microphone, ear cushions, Bluetooth connectivity for wireless freedom, and last but not the least, a swipe interface which lets you cycle through your playlist and taking calls without having to fumble with physical buttons. Under the hood, or we should say under the ear cups, are 40mm handmade drivers offering 60 ohm of impedance and 98 dB of sensitivity.

The Roland-Garros edition of the Hellas will be available for purchase at Roland-Garros stadium store and online at Urbanears website for $120 USD once the tournament gets underway.