Eizo Corporation has recently announced an 8 megapixel, 31.1 inch monitor with slim, lightweight design for medical image referencing called the – Eizo RadiForce MX315W Monitor. The medical monitor from Eizo offers exceptionally accurate imaging for unparalleled precision in a wide range of medical monitoring. The new monitor is the first 8 megapixel monitor in the RadiForce MX series.

Eizo RadiForce MX315W Monitor

The monitor features an 8 megapixel, 31.1 inch screen with the screen resolution of 4096 pixels by 2160 pixels. With a massive screen, a large amount of information can be viewed at once. The monitor used in cooperation with various systems such as electronic health record systems, and picture archiving and communication systems PACS, so that multiple applications and windows can be displayed at once on the same monitor.

By utilizing the monitor’s increased viewing space and freedom of layout, it is possible to display various inspection images side by side, such as CT and MRI images in tiled format. The monitor will allow for the comparison of old and current scans, ultimately improving efficiency.

The MX315W monitor also offers the highest brightness in the RadiForce MX Series at 450 cd/m2. The company guarantees 3 years or 10,000 hours of use at the recommended 270 cd/m2 brightness level, ensuring optimal brightness stability over a long period of use. There is also a built-in brightness-sensor ensures the brightness of the monitor will stay consistent over time. In addition the monitor supports DICOM Part 14* standard calibration.

The monitor has a new slim design that minimizes the clutter at the workspace. It is only 225 mm deep and 11.7 kg in weight, meaning that less space is used and installation is a breeze. The monitor has also a built-in power supply so the workspace is free of bulky power supply bricks.