The final chapter of ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ is coming this year with full packed of genuine scares and full of scary atmosphere. A little experiment, on which you may like to take on Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 with your headphones. Play it in completely silence, it will be an incredibly baffling experience that comes to highlight just how much this latest entry in the Freddy’s franchise on one element, which is called “Sound.”


As in previous games, sitting on your butt gets you nowhere and, instead, you are encouraged to move between the aforementioned ports of call to check on the progress of your aforementioned foe. Nonetheless, in Freddy’s 4, your torch is no longer your guardian at least not all of the time. Monitoring the monsters is now a question of listening, and as the game advises, before you run to either door way you will want to stop and listen for any signs of life before flashing on that torch.

If you hear anything at all, your only method of defense is to hold the door shut for a few seconds, which is enough to buy you a bit more time. That is because, whereas in previous installments you have relied on your torch to keep you safe by scanning CCTV footage and looking down air vents, shining a light at anything moving in order to stop it in its tracks.

Here, it is your ears that are designed to come to your rescue, although the premise behind what you are doing and, indeed, just how you go about doing it is largely identical.

Perhaps the scariest element of all is that, with a Warner Bros. tie-in movie yet to hit out screens, this may be an IP that is already run out of steam. Nevertheless, that is pretty much all it is. Compared to previous outings, what’s on offer here feels rather one dimensional and a little rushed.


Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 loses some of the richness of its harbingers becoming something of a one trick pony a sign that, perhaps, this is one series that is in need of either a rest, or a complete revolution.