The Pokémon Company unveiled a surprise new title on the smartphone devices today, following up on the runway success of Pokémon Go over the summer. The name of the new challenger game is the Pokémon Duel Game, a strategy game. In this game, players pit teams of six Pokémon against each other.

Pokémon Duel Game

Basically the Pokémon Company released it as Pokémon Comaster first in Japan last year, and it was developed by the focuses on AI.Form. But it is now being released in the United States and UK under the title Pokémon Duel. It is out now both the Android and IOS devices.

It is an interesting mobile game in which fans deploy digital Pokémon figures and battle based on strategic moves to reach the goal. “You’ll fight your rivals in real time! Win duels, get all kinds of cool figures and items, and make your deck stronger!”

The details of the game are as follow:

  • First assembling team of sic Pokémon, each with its own strength and a set number of steps it can take. Gamers can take different routes to rush toward the goal or block the opponent from advancing.
  • When two Pokémon from the opposing teams meet then a battle commences and the players spin each Pokémon’s Data Disk to see which kind of attach Pokémon will use.
  • To moving the Pokémon and battling, players will also be able to use a plate at the start of their turn. These plates possess various effects such as swapping positions of Pokémon in the game and giving their Pokémon different battle enhancement for that turn.
  • Who reaches their goal first that wins the duel.

Download it now and enjoying it- there’s a lengthy installation process once you download the initial files – and you’ll soon be ready to play this brand new Pokémon game.