Google’s Tilt Brush virtual reality Game which launched back in September 2014. Google is unveiling new prototypes it has added few new features on Tilt Brush one of the most mind blowing feature is Multiplayer mode, audio reactive brushes.

Tilt Brush VR

There are no words yet on exactly when multiplayer mode will come – for now Google is just announcing that it’s in the works there’s no announcing the release date yet.

“It’s amazing how collaborating in the same space makes the virtual feel real. We think you’ll love this one, so we are exploring ways to develop this concept further.” Google Tilt Brush creative director Drew Skillman wrote in a blog post.

There are few other new features coming soon, like a pose-able sketching mannequin, letting players make crude animations, Zoetrope-animation to help bring static artwork to life.

There is another interesting feature portal brush that takes an advantage of the Vive’s on board front-facing camera. Using the HTC Vive’s motion controller, you paint with light, in 3D. The space that you paint with the portal brush open a window to the real world so you can take a peek at what’s going on outside. And just paint where you want it to go.

The team behind Tilt Brush said that, “some of the ideas and concept in the experiment above” would make their way to future Tilt Brush updates.