Add a tiny multi-device in your normal convey with the 3COIL Puna Folding Scalpel Blade Multi-device. This durable and aesthetically appealing multi-tool is good for cutting, unscrewing, twisting, prying and commencing bottles. The Puna effortlessly detaches and is prepared to use in a remember of seconds. Moreover, the Puna capabilities replaceable blades.

3Coil Puna Rifle-Shaped Multi-Tool Design

The Puna is a quite cool and flexible multi-tool that measures 101mm long with silencer by way of 29mm excessive through three.75mm wide (barrel manage). As we can see from the snap shots, the multitool seems like a tiny rifle together with excellent detailing, and its modular design permits you to bring together or detach all equipment just like a professional marksman. Meanwhile, for matching the joinable layout, the multi-device comes with a enterprise card-sized aluminum case to hold all of the equipment for safe storage, and the lid of the case’s lid also can be used to store your credit playing cards and enterprise playing cards.


3Coil Puna Rifle-Shaped Multi-Tool Features

The rifle-shaped multi-device comes with 6 realistic equipment including bottle opener, two screwdriver bits, keychain, two scalpel blades, smash away take care of and micro screwdriver, so that you can use them to address many emergent obligations. Moreover, the equipment are crafted from chrome steel for a strong and lengthy-lasting production. The micro screwdriver is likewise accessible for other small jobs including tightening your glasses. Sooner or later, all 3COIL knives unclip or fold, ultimate safe at the same time as at the move.

3Coil Puna Rifle-Shaped Multi-Tool Price

The team behind Puna has raised enough fund for the product through Kickstarter. We can pledge £21 (approx US$28) to preorder the rifle-shaped multi-tool. It will be shipped in June this year.