Smartphones have turn out to be the primary approach for many clients to hold their favorite track with them, but the ACTIVO CT10 hi-res music player is a new device that objectives to decorate the experience for individuals who require higher-end audio.

Compact in size and assisting tremendous audio codecs like FLAC, the song player boasts a quad-center processor to make sure it could handle severe digital workloads easily. The 16GB storage ability may be more desirable via the microSD card slot to feature an additional 400GB of storage to hold lots of remarkable songs with you always.

The ACTIVO CT10 hi-res music player is likewise well suited to be used with TIDAL song streaming, which in addition expands the person’s potential to enjoy their preferred high-definition music from everywhere.


Activo CT10 Portable Hi-Res Music Player Design

The CT10 is a excessive-performance HiFi music player that measures 0.61 x 2.57 x 3.67 inches and weighs 3.95 oz. As we can see from the photographs, the music player suggests off a smooth, minimal look design, and the rounded edges provide more advantageous beauty, even as the sleek knob provides greater cutting-edge aesthetics to the player. Meanwhile, the narrow and compact form component permits you to without problems take it with you for any journey.

Activo CT10 Portable Hi-Res Music Player Features

The CT10 comes equipped with a Cirrus logic DAC and quad-core processor, and it helps up to 24bit/192kHz files which includes FLAC, APE, AAC, WMA, MP3, WAV and greater so you can revel in super lossless tune. moreover, it has 16GB inner storage, however a built-in microSD card slot allows you to feature up to 400GB more storage ability to the music player, so it’s capable of storing approx 10,000 songs. The song player features each WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, so it really works with both wired and wired-free headphones and audio system, and the WiFi connectivity lets in for convenient over-the-air update and steaming or downloading track.

Furthermore, a 3.4″ full colour touchscreen LCD display no longer only shows you the info of your song and the fame of the player, but also permits you to effortlessly control your tune playback and trade various settings. Further, integrated rechargeable battery gives up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Activo CT10 Portable Hi-Res Music Player Price

The CT10 portable hi-res music player is priced at $299.95 USD. If you are still interested in this new Portable Hi-Res Music player and really want to grab it, then jump to the Amazon page for its more details.