German camera gear brand COSYSPEED introduces the CAMSLINGER Outdoor camera bag in a crowd-funding on Indiegogo. The new CAMSLINGER Outdoor is a camera bag designed especially for quick, one-handed access and it’s worn around the hip or over the shoulder. It has several features which makes it the ideal camera bag for outdoor-active photographers, who like to go hiking, horse riding, biking, climbing or travelling

CAMSLINGER Outdoor Camera Bag Design:

The Camslinger Outdoor is a compact and easy-to-access DSLR camera bag that works with mirrorless cameras, action cameras, DSLRs, superzoom cameras, and lenses. Its inner measures 190mm x 160mm x 95mm to 110mm (7.5 x 6.3 x 3.7 to 4.3in). The camera bag shows off an ultra portable and sleek design. With its fixed belt that can be adjusted from 75cm to 125cm (30 to 50in), the camera bag can be worn at your hip or over your shoulder.

Moreover, this bag is made of durable and weather proof nylon 900D fabrics for a long-lasting construction.

CAMSLINGER Outdoor Camera Bag

CAMSLINGER Outdoor Camera Bag Features:

With it padded interior, the DSLR camera bag securely holds your camera in place, and zippered pockets and slots can be used to hold various accessories like batteries, SD cards and more while 6 dividers allow you to customize the inside based on your needs. More importantly, using its magnetic closure, you can take out your camera with one hand for capturing those great moments. In addition, the camera bag also features an included finger strap that keeps your camera securely in hand, also included raincover protects the bag and your precious camera from rain.

Moreover, when used at the hip, your back is free of any weight for comfortable wearing experience. When used as a sling bag over your shoulder, it delivers all its features.

CAMSLINGER Outdoor Camera Bag Price:

The Indiegogo campaign offers the bag in blue and gray starting at $69, along with a green version only available if the campaign reaches a $25,000 stretch goal. Also a special edition version is available only through the Indiegogo campaign. S. Weisner Edition, named after the photographer and climber Stephan Wiesner, who supported the bag’s development, and will donate an additional $20 built into the price to Burundikids, an organization assisting young refugees and homeless children in Africa.

The crowdfunding campaign has already met three quarters of its goal, with just two months left to raise about $3,000. If the crowdfunding is going successful, the bag will ship in May.