Drone detection company DroneShield has revealed its handheld rifle-style DroneGun, a device that jams communications between drones and their pilots in an effort to help fight terrorism.

The DroneGun is a ‘plug-and-play’ countermeasure that suspends video transmission to the pilot and allows for a controlled landing or the return of the gadget to its starting point.

DroneGun Design:

The DroneGun unabashedly looks like a heavy duty rifle, but it can safely make a drone land or retreat, without firing an actual explosive shot.

In truth, that rifle shape is only meant for appearances. With the way it works, it’d have probably worked just as well if it looked less conspicuous. But that would make it look less cool. That said, considering it is permanently tethered to a backpack, you look more like a Ghostbuster than a drone buster.

DroneGun Features:

The almost 6 kilogram (13.2 pound) DroneGun can apparently do this at a range of up to 2 kilometres, using a variety of jammer measures. Those measures include jamming 2.4 gigahertz as well as 5.8 gigahertz frequency bands, and GPS and GLONASS (the Russian satellite navigation sys) jamming. It has a battery run time of two hours.

The DroneGun is part of the DroneShield’s range of anti-drone technologies, although it’s one of the few to actively render drones inoperable.

The DroneGun can track down the drone user for certain models, and offers an optional GPS-jamming capability for customers outside of the United States.

Whether or not you see the DroneGun in action is another matter. It isn’t FCC-certified as we write this, so you can not legally operate one in the US. Provided it is approved, though, it could help take down drones at the airports, also protect soldiers against drone bombs and otherwise help in situations where it’s simply not possible to get close.