Freecube is a latest modular smart gadget which has been created particularly for Apples brand new smartphones in the form of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Users can combine exceptional stackable modules to create multifunctional cubes that can offer wireless charging, playback via a Bluetooth speaker, dynamic lighting and more.

Freecube Modular Smart Home Hub Design

The Freecube is a multi-purposed modular smart home hub that includes multiple stackable modules. As we will see from the photos, the hub functions a minimal and elegant appearance design, and the compact pictures permits you to effortlessly set up everywhere in your home.

Freecube Modular Smart Home Hub

Freecube Modular Smart Home Hub Features

The basic module is a cubic strength strip that comes equipped with four AC retailers and three USB ports with 5V/3.1A output to be able to fee your cellular gadgets and energy up your home equipment. More importantly, the smart home hub features multiple stackable devices which includes a Bluetooth speaker module, a sensor geared up LED light module and a wireless charging pad module. Using its stackable modular design you can easily customize your own Freecube by means of adding one or more modules.

Furthermore, an upcoming Amazon Alexa module will make Freecube a true smart home hub that permits you to use your voice to invite Freecube for numerous questions, control the units of the hub, or engage with other Alexa smart home devices. Similarly, an upcoming projector module helps you to experience your favorite multimedia content.

Freecube Modular Smart Home Hub Price

The group at the back of Freecube has efficaciously finished the fund aim for the product through Kickstarter, however we can nevertheless preorder the modular smart home hub with the aid of pledging $99.99. It is going to be shipped in November 2017.