Clean air company Radic8 designed the world’s first layout-driven oxygen purifier that delivers the diatomic fuel in an stylish, phone-style headset. The INBair O2 processes the air within the purchaser’s immediate environment, in the end reducing the nitrogen content. The tech innovation produces 40 percent oxygen at 2 liters per minute, while seamlessly blending in the background. As a result, the oxygen purifier can lessen the onset of tiredness and improve productivity.

The INBair O2 oxygen purifier is price-effective and friendly. Radic8’s product is compatible with a 12-volt battery, as well as a DC jack. It isn’t best portable and purposeful, however the INBair O2 also boasts a very cozy headset and a luxury brushed aluminum finish for a more delicate aesthetic.

INBair O2 Oxygen Purifier

INBair O2 Oxygen Purifier Features

This designer oxygen cleaner allows you to work more difficult and smarter with the help of 40 percent oxygen. Via turning in focused oxygen thru the headset, INBair O2 enables you live alert and productive on every occasion you’re low on energy. To use INBair O2, simply placed on the headset and breathe commonly to offer your brain a boost. The weighted headset is stylish and comfortable, with an introduced filter to deliver purified air, and an anti-microbial floor for brought protection. Plus, you’ll handiest listen a quiet hum and the hiss of air popping out of the mouthpiece. Additionally, the portable oxygen purifier comes with a designer bag so that you can effortlessly take it anywhere. The INBair O2 can draw energy from a couple of sources, consisting of the mains or battery pack. In reality, it even works with the 12 V adaptor to your vehicle. Designed entirely for recreational use, the INBair O2 is not a medical product.

INBair O2 Oxygen Purifier Price

The INBair O2 Oxygen Purifier is priced at $244.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Amazon for its more details. Still want efficient than this, then the Inogen One G3 is the only one that’s just right, revealed at software developer conferences 2016.