There are a wide selection of wired-free chargers out there on your iPhone. They arrive in all one of a kind shapes and sizes to fit different tastes and uses. And one probably untapped market with regards to wireless charging to your iPhone, is compact, on-the-go charging.

Today, Mophie is revealed a new wired-free charging accessory called the charge stream travel kit and charge stream pad mini that permits you to maximise the effectiveness of wired-free charging, whilst also making it feasible to achieve this when far from home. In reality plug in the charging tool with a charging cable and place your phone at the small pad.

Mophie Charge Stream Mini Wireless Travel Charger Design

A compact length is the important thing to the Charge Stream Pad Mini‘s attraction, therefore. It measures 2.37 x 2.37 x 0.8 inches and is 1.4 oz, diminutive by Qi charger standards. It’s crowned by both a rubbery grip and a microsuction pad, designed to hold your iPhone X, Galaxy S9, or different wireless charging-well matched tool in place, and it’ll work via a case up to 3mm thick.


Mophie Charge Stream Mini Wireless Travel Charger Features

Like minded with all Qi-enabled smartphones, the wired-free charger gives up to 5W of dependable charging electricity. Likewise, it starts charging the second one you positioned your telephone down at the non-slip surface. The price move Pad Mini even charges through cellphone instances as much as 3mm thick. Moreover, you could properly leave your cellphone on the charging pad considering that fail-safe circuitry stops it from overcharging and overheating. Thanks to its compact design, the Charge stream Pad Mini makes for a notable travel associate. With a length of 2.4 inches, you may effortlessly pack and carry the charger anyplace you pass.

Mophie Charge Stream Mini Wireless Travel Charger Price

Both products are now available to purchase on Mophie’s website, and on Best Buy for a retail price of $49.95 for the charge stream travel kit, while the charge stream pad mini will run you $24.95.