LG Electronics, a world leader in home appliances and consumer tech, has announced the launch of the latest French-door refrigerator with the InstaView panel to let you peek inside the appliance. All new LG Signature French-door refrigerators will be installed with the smart translucent black panel over the right fridge door. Give that right panel a double knock, and the tinted glass will go transparent, enabling you to see what’s inside the fridge

Other companies have toyed with the idea of see-through the refrigerator doors. Haier, a company serving most of Europe and Japan, developed a motion sensor model which had panels which faded to transparency when users approached and dimmed when they walked away. LG even showed the same knock-to-see-through tech in its “Signature” fridge. Neither of these models is available for purchase in the United States yet.

French-door refrigerator

Opening a refrigerator door means leaking out the cold air that keeps food items fresh. That way cold air is replaced by room temperature, which means your fridge has to work harder to keep groceries fresh and chilled. But LG’s ColdSaver panel eliminates the need to open a fridge door every now or then, thus prevents food spoilage.

All new InstaView models come in a black stainless steel finish along with the company’s door-in-door feature, that lets you access the in-door shelves without actually opening the fridge. You just need to push a button on the door handle to just open the door’s front panel, rather than the entire fridge door.

The four-door model will be priced at $4,500 and three-door model at $4,300. The standard four-door is $4,200 without the InstaView. All new models are expected to be available for purchase this coming fall.