This is the QTV and it’s by Lofree, a Chinese corporation that burst onto the scene last year with their eponymous wired-free mechanical keyboard on Indiegogo.

Just like the Lofree keyboard, the QTV has a retro look inspired through TVs from the 1950s and 1960s.

Even though it’s far called the QTV, it isn’t always absolutely a TV. It is, in fact, a wired-free Bluetooth speaker and bedside clock. It is available in 4 colours: Vernal White, Aestival Blue, Scarlet purple, and Peppermint Green.


Lofree QTV Retro TV Inspired Portable Bluetooth Speaker Features

Play your song from a lovely retro device with the Lofree QTV Nostalgic wireless Speaker. That presenting a antique-inspired design, this Retro TV inspired portable Bluetooth Speaker looks as if an old school television. Despite the fact that the QTV is small, the 5W Bluetooth speaker gives effective sound at loud volumes. The sound it emits is robust for its size. Embedded with a 40mm full frequency and backward speaker, the QTV makes you experience as even though music is all round you. QTV works as an alarm as properly, allowing you to set up one-of-a-kind alarms. Likewise, it gives 10-minute snooze increments to make sure that you rise up. Moreover, QTV is likewise a timer, making it clean to listen to track and time your sports at the same time. The nostalgic wired-free speaker provides as much as five hours of non-stop playtime on a single charge.

Lofree QTV Retro TV Inspired Portable Bluetooth Speaker Price

The Lofree QTV is available on Indiegogo right now and a single speaker would set you back US$69. But be fast, because at the time of writing, only 11 are left. If you miss out on this, the next tier will have you paying US$74 for a single speaker.

You can also get two QTV speakers for US$128, which makes for some savings.