Freefly creates professional drone and gimbal solutions for the cinema enterprise, and now it launched a specialized gimbal for smartphones: the Movi smartphone Cinema robot, a new iPhone accessory to enhance smartphone filmmaking.

Called a ‘cinema robot,’ rather than a gimbal, the device is designed to make it less complicated to film smooth and smooth shots through integrated apps and controls.

Movi Smartphone Cinema Robot

This tool holds your phone and is complete with a Freefly gimbal. That is the same tech trusted by Hollywood greats for ideal pictures. Movi is full with an app for effortless recording. Inside the app, you have 5 distinct recording alternatives. These consist of:

“Majestic” is a classic single operator mode. You can set fast and slow movements, and it pans with you to create cinematic shots.

“Echo” allows you to set start and endpoints of your movement, set the duration of the move, and create repeatable automated camera moves.

“Timelapse” allows you to define a start and end movement path, as well as a duration, and Movi will create moving time-lapses.

“Movilapse” slows down the movement of the Movi gimbal by 10 times, meaning that when you playback the footage at 10 times speed you are left with smooth movements through a speedy scene.

“Smartpod” allows you to lock-on to a stationary object, and Movi will keep your phone trained on it as much as possible.

“Orbit” keeps the shot fixed on your subject as you circle around it, allowing you “perfect wraparound footage.”

This lets in your phone to record ideal timelapse as you pass. The end result is enormously beautiful pictures to give your movie a honestly precise facet. Similarly, the Echo, Majestic, and Orbit functions are just as exciting. The handle with gives you ergonomic comfort as you report but the entire device also can stand upright on its own. The Freefly Movi is available for $300 from the Freefly Movi site. It’s going to start shipping in March this year.