The Ninox Astrum gaming mouse is a complicated peripheral for avid laptop users with the intention to permit them to preserve top of the line productiveness at all the times without having to worry about the capability of their device.

The mouse is designed with a modular aesthetic that can be modified to suit your wishes or possibilities, whilst also allowing users to make adjustments on the fly. This includes a series of covers and aspect portions in an effort to assist users to make it just proper for their alternatives or hand function to do away with the incidence of fatigue.

The Ninox Astrum gaming mouse can be adjusted thru the integrated controls rather than wanting to get right of entry to custom software program to make sure it is appropriate to be used right out of the box.

Ninox Astrum Modular Gaming Mouse Design

The Astrum is an progressive and versatile modular gaming mouse that weighs beneath 80g. As we will see from the images, the laptop mouse indicates off a minimum and smooth look design along with multiple elective colours and coatings. In the meantime, using its interchangeable side panel, the Astrum allows you to pick between ambidextrous and left hand pleasant designs, whilst two top panels permit you to change its form for a custom in shape.


Ninox Astrum Modular Gaming Mouse Features

As a modular gaming mouse, similar with Razer Naga Trinity Chroma, but Ninox Astrum comes with extra interchangeable aspect panels and top panels if you want to deliver 13 different configurations. Moreover, the gaming mouse comes prepared with Pixart PMW-3360 sensor that capabilities up to 12,000 DPI for fast and accurate monitoring. And there are optical microswitches underneath the left and right buttons, and it has an optical scroll wheel encoder, so Ninox Astrum will last much longer than traditional mechanical options.

Furthermore, this new mouse also features a unique sensor adjustment panel on the bottom so that you can adjust the DPI without needing its custom software. Of course, you can also use the software to customize its buttons and built-in LED light.

Ninox Astrum Modular Gaming Mouse Price

The team behind Astrum is raising fund for the product via Indiegogo. We can pledge $55 to preorder the modular gaming mouse. It will be shipped in December this year.