Nintendo Labo looks like superb amusing, but it additionally begins at £60 ($70).

Thankfully, those of you who need to strive these cardboard kits for Nintendo Switch will be able to get your hands on a much greater affordable version. At E3 2018, gaming accessory maker Nyko introduced the Labo’s first competitor: a PixelQuest Arcade package. It essentially turns a Switch into a -player arcade cupboard. It even uses the Switch’s removable Joy-Con controllers as arcade-fashion buttons.

The PixelQuest cardboard arcade kit has been designed to provide users with a playable undertaking of a traditional arcade cabinet well matched with the Nintendo switch. Everything is supplied inside the kit you need to create your retro arcade cupboard with individual die-cut additives which might be folded and locked together and can be personalised with the included sheet of pixel block stickers or the use of your personal creativity.


Two custom match arcade sticks attach to the top of the joy-Con analog sticks in an effort to provide “real arcade play”, Nyko said, and the mechanical button remapping allows the shoulder buttons of the joy-Con to be pressed similar to conventional arcade buttons. Meanwhile, there may be a cutout wherein the console sits inthe cabinet. Covered inside the package is a set of sticker sheets for customization, too.

Like Labo, the PixelQuest Arcade is comprised of cardboard and has to be assembled by way of gamers. but, actually, the great part about this fun accent is that it is so reasonably-priced. even as we loved the concept of Labo in our evaluation, we did surprise about spending so much cash on something so fragile. If you’re looking for a inexpensive alternative, Nyko’s PixelQuest Arcade package may be to be had later quarter 4 for $20 and is now available to preorder from online shops along with Amazon.