If you are going to call it “mood lights,” it ought to be as dynamic as your real moods, proper? And if you don’t have only a few settings, why have to your lightbulb? Danish company Shade is here to answer that query with a new product released on Indiegogo — it’s called The Orb, and it’s defined as a “next-gen light that offers its users whole control over intensity, coloration, and temperature to shape the atmosphere within their homes.”

Orb Smart Light Design

The Orb is a Danish designed, advanced pendant lamp that measures 5.1-inches diameter by means of 1.5 inches tall. As we will see from the pictures, the new smart light indicates off an elephant, minimalistic, Nordic layout, and the usage of its compact shape aspect and plug-and-play layout, you could easily install and installation the pendant lamp in any room.

Meanwhile, its incredible anodized aluminum accents offers more elegant and contemporary aesthetics, and its particularly decided on polymer enables it to diffuse soft and comfortable illumination.

Moreover, the smart mild uses built-in Bluetooth era to talk with your phone so you can easily use your handset to remotely configure and manage the LED lamp.

Orb Smart Light Features

As a smart light, the Orb delivers multiple intelligent modes. The sunrise mode enable it to deliver warm tones into your bedroom whilst you awaken within the morning. The night fall mode can provide extra heat light over the direction of night, improving your sleep nice. The smart scheduling mode lets in it to analyze your every day use and provide automated illumination through the day. Moreover, its excursion mode protects your home from thieves.

Further to controlling the color and depth, you can also manage the lighting’s route, and the light also having an optionally available adjustable lampshade that provides further lights control and upload elegant and dynamic aesthetic style to your room with its unique silhouette layout.

Orb Smart Light Price

The Orb has been to be had for preorder on Indiegogo. You can also pledge $189 to preorder the smart light ($299 for Slaatto S1 silhouette lampshade). Both models will be shipped in December this year (estimated).