Fast compress travel objects and double your capacity with the Pacum powerful handheld Vacuum. This multifunctional device compresses your tools 4 times quicker than other handheld compressors available on the market. In fact, this new device can compress a vacuum bag full of cloth in only over a minute. Approximately half the scale of an iPhone X, Pacum is straightforward to bring wherever you cross. moreover, Pacum works robotically and springs with pump modes which includes Eco-Mode and Supermode. Likewise, the panel lighting fixtures virtually suggest the feature putting. apart from taking air out, the powerful hand-held vacuum also can pump air, making it reachable for blowing up inflatables and greater. furthermore, every tool includes a Padaptor, which makes any present vacuum bag like minded with Pacum. To use Pacum, certainly plug it right into a portable strength bank or wall charger the usage of a USB-C connection.

Pacum Handheld Air Pump Design

The Pacum is a properly-designed and easy-to-use hand held air pump that measures 86 x 43 x 43mm and weighs approx 145g. As we are able to see from the snap shots, the air compressor delivers a graceful and compact form thing that’s approximately half of the scale of an iPhone X, so you can effortlessly take it with you everywhere.

Pacum Handheld Air Pump Features

The handheld air pump is powerful enough to compress a vac bag full of clothes in just over a minute. When the compressing finishes, it will automatically stop for saving battery life and protecting itself. Furthermore, it comes with two pump modes: eco-mode and supermode, and the LED lights indicate the status of the air pump. The Pacum not only comes with its own vacuum bags and accessories, but also supports any existing vacuum bags using Padaptor, a custom adapter. In addition to compressing air, the Pacum doubles as an inflater to pump air in. An integrated USB-C port allows you to charge it with a portable power bank or USB wall charger.

Pacum Handheld Air Pump Price

The team behind Pacum is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. You can pledge $45 to preorder the handheld air pump with Padaptor, Pacum bag, USB-C cable and three inflatable accessories. The bundle will be shipped in June 2019.