Anybody who spends time in the sun and will love to keep track of the exposure to damaging Ultra violet rays, can be intrigued in a fresh smart wearable sunshine tracker aptly named the QSun. Using artificial intelligence the sunlight is capable of monitoring your exposure to the sun enabling you to balance your D vitamin intake and sunlight exposure. When connected to its companion smartphone application the QSun provides an easy method to monitor your exposure and bodies D vitamin production.

QSun AI Powered Wearable Sun Tracker Design

The QSun is an advanced and practical UV monitoring wearable that measures 26 x 26 x 9mm and weighs approx 10g with battery. As shown in the images, the wearable sports an ultra compact and lightweight design, and its integrated nylon clip allows you to effortlessly attach it onto your cloth or backpack for easy carrying. Meanwhile, the splash-proof design ensures it resistant to variable weather conditions.

QSun AI Powered Wearable Sun Tracker

QSun AI Powered Wearable Sun Tracker Features

The wearable sun tracker comes equipped with built-in UV sensor and temperature sensor in order to provide highly accurate UVA/ UVB measurements. More importantly, the wearable wirelessly communicates with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Through combining your real-time sun exposure with your skin type, personal profile, environmental situation and sun safety habits, the sun tracker will always tracks your sun exposure and provide personalized sun safety advice.

Furthermore, it also tracks your vitamin D intake from sun exposure, food and supplemental sources, and it keeps track of your sun-safe activity. All tracking data can sync to Google Fit or Apple Health. In addition, a replaceable CR2032 battery offers approx 6 weeks of usage.

QSun AI Powered Wearable Sun Tracker Price

The team behind QSun is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge CA$64 (approx US$49) to preorder the AI powered wearable sun tracker. It will be shipped in July 2018. Want more cheaper then this, then June bracelet is best option that’s unveiled at technology networking events london.