Samsung announced the availability of its new refrigerator, called “the Family Hub”, it is a massive 21.5-inch touchscreen. It gives the appearance that the South Korean tech firm slapped a massive smartphone onto a refrigerator door. When activated, the refrigerator screen becomes a shared space for posting digital sticky notes, watching television, and even viewing photos.

The refrigerator’s most immediately striking feature is the 21.5-inch full HD LCD touchscreen emblazoned across the top right-hand door. The screen is substantially larger and brighter than that of Samsung’s previous attempts at a smart refrigerator, making it more viable for entertainment in the kitchen. But the company said that it changed its whole approach with the Family Hub.

samsung Family hub refrigerator

The screen can be synced up with Samsung’s smart televisions, providing you to easily cast the game over to the kitchen while making snacks without missing a play. Apps from AllRecipes and Epicurious let you easily search, use recipes, and save, and Pandora can provide a soundtrack either from the fridge itself or by networked speakers. An internet browser is always a fast tap away for when you need to quickly Google something. The screen is crisp and reactive, and navigating within and between apps will be intuitive to anyone who uses a smartphone.

As a literal refrigerator, the 4-Door Flex Family Hub is also top of the line, Samsung says. Its storage is flexible and spacious, and its temperature controls are, consistent, precise and can be managed both on the door screen or via the app.