Accessory maker Scosche has just launched two new products based around Lighting audio and the iPhone 7. The company has made a set of noise-canceling earbuds, along with a Lightning adapter Bose products with 2.5mm audio jacks.

Scosche’s Lightning-equipped headphones, the HPL1, offer noise cancellation along with a built-in microphone and playback controls. While they retail from Scosche for $59.99, you can order them from Amazon for $50.02, though the earbuds are temporarily out of stock.

They feature high-efficiency dynamic drivers to help active users stay motivated during workout, trail rides, runs and more.

These earbuds minimize manipulation of the audio signal. Although Bluetooth isn’t far behind in quality, it does still sacrifice some of that quality as it is manipulating the signal and wirelessly transfers your music.

Scosche HPL1
Scosche HPL1

Scosche HPL1 Design:

The HPL1 is a pair of Lightning in-ear headphones that works with Lightning equipped iOS devices like iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus and more. The wired earbuds feature a sleek, low-profile and compact design, and its matte finish delivers some modern aesthetic style. Additionally, three pairs of single flanged silicone inserts allow the earbuds to offer a custom fit for different users, and cable measures 4ft long.

Scosche HPL1 Features:

Using its high-efficiency dynamic drivers and integrated noise isolation technology, the Lightning earbuds deliver Clear and balanced stereo audio without any signal loss caused by Bluetooth transmission.

Furthermore, its built-in remote and mic allow you to freely control your music playback and answer handsfree calls with ease. In addition, this new earbuds also features custom music player app and firmware update app in order to play your favorite music and ensure ongoing iOS compatibility.

Scosche HPL1 Price:

The HPL1 Lightning earbuds are priced at $59.99 USD. If you are interested, jump to Scosche official site for its more details.