Sony has introduced that it is going to be delivery out its extraordinarily anticipated new A1E OLED HDR 4K TVs to the United States market as of April and is already offering them up for pre-order. starting price? $5,000 for the 55 inch version and a hefty $6,500 for the 65 inch model. Sony is likewise planning the releasee of a large 77 inch A1E television but hasn’t announced its particular availability or a likely price, although we’re guessing it will be available to reserve as of the summer season and probable come priced at round $10,000 given how the cost of the 65 inch A1E version compares to that of the 65 inch Sony lcd flagship, the Z9D.

Sony’s newest A1E OLED TVs have support for 4K resolution, HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG. Which means that customers won’t ought to look somewhere else for HDR support. The TVs are powered through Sony’s new 4K HDR Processor X1 excessive engine. The chip’s task is to make 4K content appearance fabulous and preliminary critiques from the CES show ground propose that it does the activity very well.


The A1E OLED tv lineup also has what Sony calls an “Acoustic surface” sound device. This is what makes it seem like the sound is coming directly from the show in place of the speakers which might be constructed into the tv.

The TVs have an easel so there’s no traditional stand, this easel may be folded in flush with the tv if it’s going to be installed on the wall. They run on Google’s Android tv platform.

Sony also still has yet to confirm pricing for its A1E OLED TVs for other markets such as Canada, though European pricing has been announced already.