Sony launched a bold new layout for the Xperia Ear, presenting the ones in attendance at its MWC 2017 press conference a couple of wireless headphones that could sit down outdoor the ear. You already know, so you can pay attention to your preferred tunes, difficulty orders to the assistant, and acquire audio inputs out of your environment. In other phrases, Sony seems not to need you to take the new Xperia Ear earphones off.

Referred to as “Open-style concept,” the new Xperia Ear is simply that, an exciting idea, so don’t assume to look it in stores just yet.

The prototypes have been on display at MWC 2017, and that they are now not pretty, but the concept in the back of them remains captivating. The headphones function “ fantastically effective spatial acoustic conductors” and “motive force gadgets [that] work together to transmit sounds without delay to the ear canal.”

This new version of Xperia Ear makes use of “open-ear” audio tech Sony developed inside it’s future Lab incubator program. Basically, the wireless earbuds let noise from the outside international in whilst you’re wearing them. This probable appears like a bad idea to most, however the characteristic will help keep you safe on a run or will let you listen colleagues while listening to music and receiving app notifications inside the office.

Now, the Sony Xperia Ear “Open-style CONCEPT” is still going to be powered by the Sony Agent Technology, similar to the original Xperia Ear that they showed off last year at MWC. This is a personal assistant that will use conversational voice interaction and also uses some head gestures to interact with the personal assistant. Sony confirmed in their press release that they will continue to develop and improve on the features for their in-ear products, like the Xperia Ear and the “Open-style CONCEPT” model. Finally, they also announced that they are looking to work with LINE to develop a new integrated voice experience. You may know LINE as one of the more popular messaging services on the market right now.