Earlier this year, toy-maker Sphero debuted the Sphero’s Force Band, a gesture-based wearable remote that made you feel like an actual Jedi while you controlled its wildly popular BB-8 toy, is now further increasing the ‘mastery’ of The Force with the addition of IFTTT support letting you control other things in your home, including your smartphone, using simple arm motions.

Sphero’s Force Band has its own page on IFTTT, where users select and use pre-made ‘recipes’. These include opt like using a Force Push to change the color on Hue lights, play iconic Imperial March music, turn on a coffee maker, or even start a phone call! With the Force Band, you can activate these same actions with a force stop, push or pull.

Sphero ForceBand
Sphero’s Force Band

The Belkin Wemo switch allows connected devices to be turned on or off from anywhere, and the switch can be toggled with the Force Band. The force can used to trigger a phone call, post Jedi Wisdom message from Star Wars on Twitter, and also post “may the force be with you” on Slack. Adafruit I/O switches can be triggered with a force pull. The Musaic HiFi sys can be paused with the Force.

You can do a lot more with IFTTT when paired with an Android mobile device and apps than you can with iPhones, iPads, and iOS. But that is not to say that Apple fans will feel like Jedis-in-training, with the limited powers, when trying out the Force Band’s new tricks. The real beauty of IFTTT platform is how flexible it’s, and through experimentation you’re bound to come up with an applet that makes you feel as powerful a Yoda.

Sadly, I don’t think there’s a way to remote start your car with IFTTT, otherwise you would be able to turn the classic Volkswagen ad into a reality. Maybe this year.